Security & Door Access Control

Security & Door Access Control


CCTV systems are becoming essential tools for any business premises – both as a security device and for operational management purposes. No one wants an incident to occur, but having a modern, digital CCTV installation is an effective deterrent and source of evidence if needed. On a positive level, CCTV can be used effectively to monitor legitimate activity – improve efficiency and customer service delivery.

RDS has 20 years’ experience of CCTV technologies, backed by our own team of engineers. We will design, install and support a solution that’s right for your business.


  • Bespoke system design
  • In-house engineers installation and support services
  • Full range of camera specifications
  • Overt or covert solutions
  • Single or multi-site installations
  • Motion sensing – incl. vehicle reg. recognition
  • PC management and storage
  • Offsite monitoring – incl. remote security station and mobile apps
  • Event response – image retrieval
  • Annual service inspections
  • Existing system upgrades

Access Control

Digital access control systems are designed to replace traditional key or mechanically-coded combination lock systems. Flexible and offering greater control compared with traditional security devices, unauthorised access is quickly dealt with and the risks of using physical keys are eliminated.

We will design a tailored solution to suit your exact requirements, using the most appropriate technology for the task and supported by our own team of in-house engineers.

Why not take a look at the latest biometric systems to manage staff time and attendance recording – highly secure and precise.


  • Door/gate access – tag, card, swipe or Biometric (finger print) options
  • Biometric systems for time and attendance recording
  • Time schedule range and zone permission control
  • Temporary access provision, e.g. contractor staff
  • Quick permission set-up/removal
  • Access records reportable via PC
  • Operate in conjunction with CCTV and IT network
  • Aftersales support and system maintenance

Network Security

Criminal activity that focuses on stealing business and consumer data is at all-time high, and with these kind of attacks becoming increasingly more sophisticated, it has never been more important for businesses of all types and sizes to have a robust security compliance solution in place.

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