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Preparing for a new normal with BlackBox Edge

After an unexpected crisis that saw most businesses close and organisation’s have to work remotely, the time has now come for those same places to reopen their doors to trade. The RDS BlackBox Edge contains the evolved BlackBox technology that has been developed to support this transition and help minimise the spread of the virus and provide an effective track and trace solution for those in the hospitality and retail sectors.

The BlackBox Edge can support unto 15 litres of hand sanitiser and incorporates temperature monitoring technology that is accurate to within 0.3 degrees.

Hand Sanitiser Stations with BlackBox Edge

Product Benefits

  • Peace of mind for employees, visitors and customers; know that everyone in the building has been appropriately checked and used hand sanitiser.
  • Access control – restricting access to only those who have passed appropriate safety measures.
  • Facial/ID card recognition – know which staff or members have been appropriately checked and when, and who has used hand sanitiser.
  • Customer/visitor contact – ensure the efficient and proper collection of track and trace information to support the NHS and Government’s COVID-19 strategy.
  • Temperature checks – quick and accurate body temperature checks, via wrist or face scanning.
  • High quality sanitiser – 70% ethanol ZERO sanitiser, successfully tested against COVID-19, and automatically dispensed.
  • Data recording – effective monitoring and recording of key data; fully GDPR compliant.
  • Alert system – automatic yet discreet notification, identifying to a specific staff member to manage and monitor access.

What could safety look like for you and your organisation?

By implementing the BlackBox Edge, employees, customers and visitors will feel confident that preventive measures and a process is in place. With the option of customisation and your own corporate branding, the BlackBox technology provides a one stop solution that includes the following:

Our Solution

  • Detection of skin surface temperature in one second
  • Facial recognition that can independently identify staff/customers and report their statuses
  • Automatic sanitisation and therefore no physical contact
  • Alarm notification – notifications for operators or security which can then be used to prevent entry
  • AI analytics that can bring together information for central reporting
  • Variation of heights for accessibility requirements and wheelchair users

Further guidance and practical suggestions

1. Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment – Gov Guidance here

2. Develop cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures

3. Help people to work from home

4. Maintain 2m social distancing where possible

5. Where people cannot be 2m apart, manage transmission risk

BlackBox Edge

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Data Management

Blackbox Edge provides a fully auditable solution

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Available to purchase outright or on a 36 month finance arrangement

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Wellbeing and Safety

The wellbeing of the workforce is the responsibility of the employer

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Prices are customised to your individual needs and requirements, please enquire at

How long is the lead time from procurement to installation?

7 days.

Does RDS lead on support and maintenance?

Yes, RDS are the lead provider of ongoing support and maintenance.

Will the system notify me when a member of staff or public has not sanitised?

Yes, the system can notify operators or security if a user has not used the sanitiser.

Is there an alert set for when temperature is above 38C

Yes, the station can notify an operator or security that an employee or visitor has a recorded temperature over 38C which can then be used to prevent entry.

Is there an alert for when sanitiser is running low?

Yes, the sanitiser station will notify relevant staff that sanitiser is running low

What are the system requirements for set installation and extracting data?

Power source within 2 metres.

Do I need to acquire any other products for Black Box Edge to function as described?

No, we will supply all the required products and technology as part of the installation to get you up and running.

Is Black Box Edge GDPR compliant?

Yes, our internal GDPR experts have confirmed BlackBox Edge is fully compliant and we will provide you with the necessary audit documentation.

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