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We appreciate that the hotel and hospitality business is about service quality and meeting customers’ needs, which leaves little time to be concerned with IT and technology.

With hotels now so reliant on technology, we understand the need for everything to be performing seamlessly in the background. We can ensure this is always the case, as we take care of all of your IT requirements, leaving you to focus on keeping your guests happy.

From reliable Wi-Fi networks for your business and your guests, to security-based solutions for peace of mind, we have a full range of solutions designed to suit the unique requirements of the hotel and hospitality industry.

Hotels aren’t 9 to 5 and neither are we. We know that some IT faults or failures can have an impact on hotel operations and need to be fixed immediately. Our engineers will take instant, direct ownership of any problems, working until resolved to ensure normal service can resume.

Benefits of our services to the hotel sector:

  • Free up staff to focus on guests
  • IT faults/failures fixed immediately
  • Consolidate all IT requirements and suppliers
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Tailored solutions built around hotel requirements
  • Gain full control over IT budget
  • Independent advice for best informed decisions
  • Extensive technical knowledge and support on hand at all times
  • No risks during holidays or sick days


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Recommended services for the hotel and hospitality sector:

Cyber Security Services

When customers give you their personal data, the least you can do is keep it safe. With the consequences of data breaches now greater than ever, Cyber Security in hotels has never been so important. We can provide a full audit on your current systems and procedures, as well as implementation of the technology needed to safeguard your business.

Networks Solutions

Fast and reliable internet access is essential for any business. Our family friendly Wi-Fi network system is built to run seamlessly in the background, keeping your staff and your guests happy. With one network for guests (SSID) and one for your internal systems, your customers cannot access confidential information or hack your systems. We’ll monitor your network 24/7, dealing with issues remotely to ensure you never have to deal with complaints about slow or unreliable Wi-Fi again.

Security Services

We’re sure you want your guests to have a relaxing stay, and being victim to crime is the last thing anyone one wants to experience while staying in a hotel. We have over 20 years’ experience of CCTV and security technologies. Our team of specialists will design, install and support a bespoke solution to suit your exact requirements, using the most appropriate technology.

Telecoms Support

Technology is changing fast but the need for hotels to have effective traditional telephony remains paramount. Our consultative approach is built on 20 years’ experience in telecoms solutions and means you will always be guided towards the technology that’s right for your business.

IT & Technical Support

Resolving IT issues can take up valuable business time, especially when there’s multiple suppliers involved. We can free up your staff, leaving them to focus on your guests, while we ensure that your IT is delivering what your hotel needs. We take complete issue ownership, dealing with third parties on your behalf and resolving issues as quickly as possible, even out of 9 to 5 hours.

Consultancy Services

Our business consultants are specialists in hotels. You will benefit from their extensive experience, as they work with you to make your business processes more efficient and ensure that your hotel systems are delivering the maximum benefit. Our consultants will design a tailored solution package that’s unique to your business and delivers the results that you want.

Cloud Support & Services

With hotels now so reliant on IT, any failure or interruption is likely to be time consuming and costly to recover from. We can remove these risks from your business by introducing cloud technology. We will guide you through the options and provide you with a secure and cost-effective cloud solution to give you complete peace of mind.

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